25th EWGLAM Meeting and 10th SRNWP Meeting

6-9 October 2003, Lisbonne (Portugal)



- Newsletter: do we still need it on paper?

After a short discussion, the answer was no.

The following strategy has been agreed: ALL the electronic contributions - including Consortia presentations, posters, LC reports, etc -must be sent to Maria Monteiro (maria.monteiro@meteo.pt) till the 30th of November 2003.

All these contributions will be available for visualization and downloading through the meeting agenda in the web site http://srnwp.cscs.ch -> Annual Meetings -> 2003

In parallel, a Newsletter  (an "electronic book") will be made with all these contributions (authors can change what they have presented at the meeting, for example replace their contribution by full fledged "papers").


- Format of the EWGLAM/SRNWP meeting: still all right?

It has been decided to keep a EWGLAM/SRNWP Meeting of three and a half days.

- one full day for the presentations of the Consortia and the poster session of the NWS

- one full day for the presentations of the scientific contributions, in priority for the contributions related to the "special topic"

- one session for an interaction with another "group" as a SRNWP Programme, a COST Action, etc

- one half day for the presentation of the Lead Centres and the SRNWP Business Meeting.


- Special topic for next year

The chosen topic is: "High Resolution Modelling in Mountainous Regions"


- Special session:

The Coordinator must organise with the Local Organizer a "MAP Session".

It has been stressed that the emphasis must be on meteorology - if possible with a modelling component - and not on observing techniques or instruments. It has also been said that preference should be given to simulations made with "European" models and not (only) with the MM5.


- Date and place of the 2004 meeting

The 2004 Annual Meeting will be organized by the NWS of Norway (Meteo-Norway).

Dates: from Monday morning the 4th to Thursday the 7th, 13h00, October 2004.


- Place of the 2005 meeting

4 NWS have not yet organized the EWGLAM/SRMWP Meeting: Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece.

If none of these 4 countries can organise the 2005 meeting, we shall return to the order of the first iteration: after Norway (in 1984), it has been Switzerland the following year.

[At the ALATNET Final Seminar (15-17 Oct. in Hungary), the undersigned has been informed by Neva Pristov that the Director of the NWS of Slovenia has accepted to host the 2005 EWGLAM/SRNWP Annual Meeting].



For the minutes:

Jean Quiby

22nd Oct. 2003