26th EWGLAM and 11th SRNWP Meetings


EWGLAM Final Discussion

Wednesday 6th of October 2004


1. Proceedings (or documentation) of the EWGLAM/SRNWP Annual Meetings

At last year's meeting (Lisbon, 2003), it was decided to collect the scientific contributions (articles, not the presentations) and to make an electronic Newsletter only (no production of a Newsletter book as in the previous years). Unfortunately, IM Portugal has been unable to make this electronic Newsletter. Instead, all the presentations (Consortium reports, National posters and scientific presentations) have been collected by the SRNWP Coordinator and can be viewed in the SRNWP web site).

For this year's EWGLAM/SRNWP Meeting, met.no will produce an electronic Newsletter with the reports of the Consortia, the national reports and the scientific contributions ("papers", not the presentations). The national reports are limited to 4 pages. No limitation has been defined for the other types of reports and for the scientific contributions. The contributions must be sent to met.no till November the 30th. And the SRNWP Coordinator will collect all the electronic presentations and display them in the SRNWP web site in the same way as this has been done for the 2003 Annual Meeting.


2. Format of the EWGLAM/SRNWP Annual Meetings

It has been decided that future meetings will last 3 full days only or 3 and a half if there is an excursion. The local organizer decides solely whether it will organize an excursion.


3. Special topic and special session for the 2005 Meeting

After a lengthy discussion, it has been decided that the Special Topic for next year's meeting will be "Very high resolution". Presentations are expected on all aspects of the very high resolution: data assimilation, numerics, physics, etc. There will be no Special Session, but the Local Organizer may still propose in the invitation a topic of particular interest. A possible such topic could be the interpretation of model's output from the modeler point of view and the assessment of the adequacy of presenting the results of the very high resolution in the standard model output.

An important discussion took place following a wish that our Annual Meetings should also consider the needs of the NWP users and that contacts with them should be envisaged. The majority of the opinions expressed were that our EWGLAM/SRNWP Meetings should concentrate on the models only (inclusive data assimilation) and that the link with the users should be dealt with by the Lead Centre for Statistical and Dynamical Interpretation. The Coordinator will discuss with this LC a possible extension its scope towards the needs of the NWP users.


4. Date and place of the 2005 EWGLAM/SRNWP Meeting

This meeting will take place in Slovenia from Monday the 3rd to Wednesday the 5th of October (or to Thursday 12h; see Point 2 above) and will be organized by the Environmental Agency.


5. Place of the 2006 and 2007 Meetings

The Swiss delegate invited the 2006 Meeting in Switzerland (still to be approved by the Director of MeteoSwiss).

The Croatian delegate invited the 2007 Meeting in Croatia (still to be approved by the Director of the Meteorological and Hydrological Service).



For the minutes:

Jean Quiby, SRNWP Coordinator