27th EWGLAM & 12th SRNWP meetings
3rd - 5th October 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Predstavitev Introduction


MONDAY, 3 October
09:00 opening and org.matters
Group presentations chair: Jürgen Steppeler
09:30 Dominique Giard ALADIN
10:00 Tiziana Paccagnella COSMO
10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00 Mike Bush UKMO
11:30 Dijana Klaric LACE
12:00-14:00 lunch
14:00 Mariano Hortal ECMWF
Introduction to national posters chair: Mariano Hortal
14:30 - Austria
Josette Vanderborght Belgium
Stjepan Ivatek-Sahdan Croatia
Filip Vana Czech Republic
Kai Sattler Denmark
Rein Rööm Estonia
Markku Kangas Finland
Dominique Giard France
Jan-Peter Schulz Germany
Andras Horanyi Hungary
Massimo Bonavita Italy
15:30-16:00 coffee break
16:00 James Hamilton Irland
Gerard Cats The Netherlands
Maria José Correia Monteiro Portugal
Raluca Radu Romania
Maria Derkova Slovakia
Jure Cedilnik Slovenia
Jose A. Garcia-Moya Spain
Lars Meuller Sweden
Philippe Steiner Switzerland
Mike Bush Unified Model
17:00 Poster session  
18:30 guided tour to Ljubljana center
TUESDAY, 4 October
Group presentations (cont.) chair: Andras Horanyi
09:00 Per Undén HIRLAM
Scientific presentations chair: Andras Horanyi
09:30 Richard Forbes Results from 1km grid resolution UM forecasts over the UK
10:00 Mark Zagar Meso-gamma simulation of an extreme precipitation event
10:20 Jan-Peter Schulz Introducing the Lokal-Modell LME at the German Weather Service
10:45-11:15 coffee break
11:15 Jürgen Steppeler Finite volume and finite difference approaches to z-coordinate modelling
11:40 Martina Tudor New ALADIN Physics and Semi-Lagrangian Horizontal Diffusion
12:00-14:00 lunch
Scientific presentations (cont.) chair: Tiziana Paccagnella
14:00 Gergely Bölöni ALADIN 3DVAR at the Hungarian Meteorological Service
14:20 Jose A. Garcia-Moya Short-Range Ensemble Prediction System at INM
14:40 Jure Jerman Operational computing environment at EARS
15:00 Nedjeljka Zagar Verification of the dynamical downscaling of ERA40 by ALADIN
15:20-15:50 coffee break
15:50-17:30 Final EWGLAM discussion chair: Philippe Steiner
Points to be discussed (among others):
  • Future role and format of the "EWGLAM/SRNWP Annual Meetings"
  • Publication of a "Newsletter" ?
  • Date and place of the 2006 EWGLAM/SRNWP Meeting
  • Date and place of the 2007 EWGLAM/SRNWP Meeting
WEDNESDAY, 5 October
09:00 Final EWGLAM discussion (cont.) chair: Philippe Steiner
Report of the SRNWP Lead Centres chair: Per Undén
09:30 HIRLAM (Jose A. Garcia-Moya) Surface Processes
09:40 COSMO (Massimo Bonavita) Short ranges EPS
09:50 ZAMG (Christoph Wittmann) Statistical and Dynamical Adaptation
10:00 Météo-France (Dominique Giard) Numerical Techniques
10:10 DWD (Jürgen Steppeler) Nonhydrostatic Modelling
10:20 HIRLAM (Gerard Cats) Verification Methods
10:30 MetOffice (Mike Bush) Variational Data Assimilation
10:40-11:00 coffee break
11:00-12:30 SRNWP business meeting chair: Jean Quiby
  • Composition of the Consortia: present state
  • Information about EUCOS
    • Programme OPERA: data hub and radar composite
    • Migration to BUFR for soundings of EUMETNET stations
    • EUCOS 2 (2007-2011): We have to become active
  • Progress made in the realization of the Recommendations put forward in the last SRNWP Workshops:
    • GPS Zenital Total Delays
    • Data hub for the high resolution precipitation observations (non-GTS data)
    • Dissemination of hourly SYNOPs in Europe
    • Velocity Azimuth Display (VAD) Radar Winds
    • Coding of snow depth in the SYNOPs
  • State of the Project PEPS (Poor-man EPS)
  • STORMNET: the second try
  • State of the endeavour "model comparison"
  • Any other business
12:30-14:00 lunch
14:00 excursion with dinner (Skocjanske cave, dinner in Sepulje)

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