EWGLAM Final Discussion


Wednesday 10th of October 2007, 11h00-11h30

Chair: Mariano Hortal


The 2007 EWGLAM/SRNWP Meetings


The Local Organiser (the Croatian Meteorological Service) will prepare a Newsletter under electronic form only. Participants and NMS will be able to download this Newsletter from the web site of the Croatian Meteorological Service (http://meteo.hr/EWGLAM07/).


All the participants of the EWGLAM/SRNWP Meetings are requested to send their contributions in electronic form to Alica Bajic (alica.bajic@cirus.dhz.hr) until November the 30th under any of the usual formats.

A maximum number of pages has not been fixed, but based on the experience of the last years it should not exceed 8 pages.



The 2008 EWGLAM/SRNWP Meeting


It has been decided to keep the new meeting format, which has been successfully used for this meeting as well as for the first time last year in Zurich.

However, from next year onwards, the SRNWP Programme will have a new governance with, among other novelties, 7 Expert Teams.

Should the Expert Teams be considered in the Programme? The answer was yes, but it remained unclear how this should be done.

Statements have expressed that it would be too much to have 7 review talks given by the Expert Team chairpersons.

The Local Organiser together with the Programme Manager will have to clear up this point.


Detlev's Proposition

Detlev Majewski (DWD) would like to hear at the beginning of each thematic session (DA, Physics, Verif, etc) a short talk summarising the state of the art in each of these fields. These reviews should not be restricted to the situation in Europe but should also inform about developments and problems in extra-European groups.

This proposition has clearly found a genuine interest among the participants.

The 2008 Local Organizer, with the help of the Expert Teams and of the Programme Manager, will consider the possibility of organising such reviews.



Place and Date of the next Meetings



According to the rotation of our meeting places (List of the Past Meeting Places: click here), the 2008 EWGLAM/SRNWP Meetings should be organised by the INM.

Bartolome Orfila has invited the EWGLAM/SRNWP Meetings to Spain. The Meetings will be hold in Central Spain from the 6th to the 9th of October.

Thanks to Bartolome and to the INM!



According to our rule, the 2009 Meetings should be organised by a "new" SRNWP Member. We have two new Members:

- the NMS of Latvia, which has joint the SRNWP Programme last year

- the NMS of Estonia, which is now a HIRLAM Member.

However, the 2009 Meetings could also be organized by an "old" SRNWP Member that has not yet organised these Meetings: Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg and Bulgaria.

The Programme Manager will contact next years these NMS.



For the minutes:

Jean Quiby

SRNWP Programme Manager