SRNWP - Short Range Numerical Weather Prediction


Framework Programme 6: Expression of Interest, June 2002

The Software Exchange Rules

NWS and Projects collecting high resolution, non-GTS 24-hourly accumulated precipitation observations (State Summer 2005)

Report of the NWP Scoping Meeting (24 November 2005)

Recommendations for the EUMETNET Council from the workshop "A Vision for NWP in Europe" (March 2006)

"A Vision for Numerical Weather Prediction in Europe" by David Rogers

Proposal for the continuation of the SRNWP Programme

Proposal for a EUMETNET Programme "Interoperability between the European Modelling Systems"

First version of the revised Verification Programme Proposal

SRNWP requirements towards OPERA

A proposal for a EUMETNET / SRNWP Project for The Realization of an Operational LAM-EPS in Europe - EurEPS

Interoperability Programme Proposal

Verification Programme Proposal