C_SRNWP Programme



Quarterly report for the period from 1 January to 31 March 2004



At the wish of the WMO, presentation of a talk on "Impacts of non-conventional observing systems on regional NWP" at the "Third WMO Workshop on the Impact of Various Observing Systems on NWP", 9-12 March 2004, Alpbach (Austria).



In the frame of THORPEX, participation at the NA-TReC Meeting of Toulouse (Meteo-France, 16-17 March 2004).

The EUMETNET Programmes EUCOS and SRNWP were represented at this meeting together with the EUMETNET CO.



For the year 2004, the 3 SRNWP Workshops are now finalised and have been announced.

            - SRNWP Workshop on Meso-scale Verification

            14-15 June at KNMI

            - SRNWP/HIRLAM Workshop on surface processes and assimilation of surface parameters

            15-17 September at SMHI

            - Joint SRNWP/Met Office/HIRLAM Workshop on Variational Assimilation

            15-17th November at the Met Office



Contact has already been established with met.no for the organisation of the

SRNWP Annual Meeting (4-7 October)



Beginning of 2004, have been sent to the CO:

            - the detailled SRNWP Annual Report 2003

            - the SRNWP Financial Report 2003

            - Text and Figures for the EUMETNET Annual Report 2003



The SRNWP Web Site   http//:srnwp.cscs.ch   has reached an average of some 250 calls per month.



Jean Quiby

C-SRNWP Programme Manager