C-SRNWP Programme


Report 2004-3: July - September



Web-site of the Programme (

Many hours have been spent improving the internal structure of the site (invisible for the users). This site has grown to a size that was not foreseen when it started life. A profound remodelling of this site will become soon or later necessary.


Annual Meeting 2004

In close collaboration with the local organiser (, preparation of the meeting (dates of the meeting: 4-6 October).



- Participation at the 4th SRNWP/HIRLAM Workshop on Surface Processes and Assimilation of Surface Variables (15-17 September, Norrköping, Sweden)

- Participation at the 6th Annual Meeting of the COSMO Consortia (22-24 September, Linate, Italy) with presentation of the Programme activities.




Outlook for 2004/4


- 26th EWGLAM Meeting & 11th SRNWP Meeting in Oslo, 4-6 October.

Then writing of the 2 rapports (EWGLAM and SRNWP) and collect of all the presentations for the SRNWP web site.

- Help in the preparation of the "Proposal of the NWS for a "Research Training Network for high-resolution NWP" in the frame of the EU FP6 Human Resources and Mobility instrument". Only if this proposition will be accepted at the Annual Meeting in Oslo (4-6 October).

- Participation at the "Joint SRNWP/Met Office/HIRLAM Workshop on Variational Data Assimilation (Exeter, 15-17 November).

- Participation at the First THORPEX International Science Symposium.
6-10 December, Montreal, Canada.




Jean Quiby

C-SRNWP Propgramme Manager