C-SRNWP Programme


Report 2006-4: November – December


Main point

Following the decisions taken at this year's SRNWP Annual Meeting (12th of October in Zurich), four Redaction Committees have been formed for drafting the four following Proposals:

= Programme Proposal for an enlarged SRNWP Programme from January 1st, 2008

= 3 Project Proposals to accompany the new Programme Proposal:

            - Interoperability between the four SRNWP models and the four global models driving them

            - Common verification for and intercomparison between the four SRNWP models

            - Operational European LAM-EPS, also as contribution to THORPEX TIGGE-LAM

For the Projects, the Redaction Committees are made of one representative for each of the five SRNWP Consortia. For the Redaction Committee drafting the Programme Proposal, each Consortium is represented by two delegates.




The Programme Manager has participated to the following Workshops:


- ALADIN-HIRLAM LAM EPS Workshop: 13-14 November in Vienna.

One of the purposes of this scientific workshop was also to define the broad strategy for the Project Proposal "Operational European LAM-EPS, also as contribution to THORPEX TIGGE-LAM". The COSMO and UKMO Consortia were also represented at this workshop.


- Fifth SRNWP Mini-Workshop on Numerical Techniques: 5-6 December 2006 in Zagreb.

Because of a sudden sickness, the Programme Manager could only participate to the first day of this very interesting workshop and has been unable to take part to the general discussion. The participation of the ECMWF has been much appreciated.




Outlook January - March 2007


Main activity

For the first quarter of 2007, the activity of the Programme Manager will be concentrated on the drafting - together with the Redaction Committees - of the SRNWP Programme Proposal and of the three accompanying Project Proposals. These four Proposals must be sent to the EUMETNET CO the 28th of February at the latest.



The Programme Manager will participate to the following meetings:

- Joint NetFAM/COST722 Workshop on cloud-covered boundary layer, 12-14 March in Toulouse

- Fourth SRNWP Workshop on Data Assimilation, 21-23 March in Norrköping