C-SRNWP Programme



Report 2007-1:   January - March



Main point

The main work of the Programme Manager (PM) has been related to the redaction of the four Programmes Proposals by the respective "Redaction Committees" (see Quarterly Report 2006-4). With these Committees, the PM had intensive exchanges and wrote the first draft for two of these Proposals.

Proposals have been drafted for the four following Programmes:

- Enlarged SRNWP Programme from January 1st, 2008 (third phase of the SRNWP Programme)

- Interoperability between the four SRNWP models and the four global models driving them

- Common verification for and intercomparison between the four SRNWP models

- Operational European LAM-EPS, also as contribution to THORPEX TIGGE-LAM

Three of these four Proposals have been sent to the EUMETNET Secretariat March 15 and have been discussed by Council at its 30th Meeting (12-13 April in Aberdeen).

The Proposal for a Programme on "Common verification for and intercomparison between the four SRNWP models" has finally not been submitted, as the Redaction Committee was not convinced that it was a good proposal. The main reason was that - due to shortage of time - a thorough discussion on the basic issues has not taken place.




Visits and Workshop


12-13 March, Météo-France, Toulouse.

Participation to the Joint NetFAM / COST-722 Workshop on Cloudy Boundary Layer.


14 March, Météo-France, Toulouse.

Visit to the EUMETNET Secretariat to bring to the three Programmes Proposals (SRNWP, Interoperability and LAM-EPS) the last formal changes under the guidance of the EUMETNET CO.


21-23 March, SMHI, Norrköping.

Participation to the "Third SRNWP Workshop on High Resolution Data Assimilation".

Rapporteur of the Working Group on "Operational assimilation at 10 km resolution".