C-SRNWP Programme


Quarterly Report (1st of April, 2009 - 30th of June, 2009)





Prepared by:               Andras Horanyi, C-SRNWP PM


                                   Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ)

                                   1024 Budapest, Kitaibel Pal utca 1.




To:                              EUMETNET Coordination Office



Summary:                   The C-SRNWP Programme had been continued on the basis of the eight Expert Teams and on the regular correspondence of the Advisory Committee members. The C-SRNWP Advisory Committee held its third meeting in Zurich at 2-3 April, 2009.




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22  September 2009

Andras Horanyi













1.   Headlines

The programme had been continued on the basis of the elements built in the previous periods especially as regards the eight Expert Teams and the Advisory Committee. The Expert Team workplans were mostly ready and updated based on the comments of the Advisory Committee. Several SRNWP workshops and Expert Team meetings were organised, which indicates the increasing activities around the Expert Teams. One of the most important event of the programme was the organisation of the 3rd Advisory Committee meeting in Zurich (2-3 April), where burning issues around the programme were discussed. As far as the annual contribution fees of the members states are concerned approximately two-third of them arrived to the account of OMSZ until the end of June (reminder was sent for the missing countries).


2.   Status of programme targets

The main activity of the C-SRNWP programme is the coordination between the five LAM Consortia in Europe (ALADIN, COSMO, HIRLAM, LACE and Met Office). The coordination is ensured by the eight Expert Teams (data assimilation and use of observations; diagnostics, validation and verification; dynamics and lateral boundary coupling; link with applications; physical parameterization: upper air; predictability and EPS; surface and soil processes: model and data assimilation; system aspects) established last year and the regular contacts between the members of the SRNWP Advisory Committee.  Beside that two SRNWP-related programmes (responsible member: MetOffice) are ongoing: SRNWP-I (Interoperability) and SRNWP-V (Verification).


2.1.     Expert Team issues

The Expert Teams continued their activities based on their respective workplans (which are available at the srnwp.met.hu webpage of the SRNWP programme). Some changes were proposed and accepted in the Expert Team memberships. Several workshops and Expert Team meetings were organised n the period indicating the activities of the Expert Teams. The workshop list and relevant information can be found under the SRNWP webpage.


2.2       SRNWP Advisory Committee issues

The SRNWP Advisory Committee had its third meeting in Zurich at 2-3 April, 2009. The discussions were focused on the C-SRNWP membership issues, ET composition, contribution of the SRNWP programme towards the EUMETNET Strategy, cooperation with the Academia and university NWP experts and the main content of the annual EWGLAM/SRNWP meeting.


2.3 Links with the partners

Based on the invoices sent earlier the year the contribution fees were arriving from the member states. At the end of the period around two-third of the contributions were already paid. The missing countries were reminded not to forget their contribution to the programme costs.


3.   Communication and cooperation

The Programme Manager attended several meetings on behalf of the programme, which are as follows:


A proposal for the European Science Foundation was prepared and submitted about "Mesoscale Predictability of High-impact Weather Events" (EUROPredict). In the proposal the predictability of the convective scale weather events is addressed in strong cooperation with European university experts.


4.   Benefits Delivery

None so far.


5.   Financial report





30 June 09








Income and Expenditure Statement













Year to date

Forecast revenue to end of year


Next year's revenue budget


Contributions from participating members


€ 35000


€ 35000




















Total revenue to date



Total Nxt Yr

€ 35000


Total Revenue to End of Year


€ 35000










Year to date

Forecast expenditure to end of year


Next year's expenditure budget


Staff costs

€ 15000

€ 30000


€ 30000


PM travel & subsistence

€ 4271

€ 5000


€ 5000














Total expenditure to date:

€ 19271


Total Nxt Yr

€ 35000


Total Expenditure to  end of Yr


€ 35000










Surplus / Deficit to date






Surplus / Deficit at end of year


€ 0




6.   Risks and issues

None to report.


7.   Programme change requests to Council

None to request.


8.   Outlook for rest of the year

The most important task for the third quarter of 2009 the preparations for the annual EWGLAM/SRNWP meeting to be held in Greece at 28 September - 1 October. The scientific programme will be assembled by the Programme Manager based on the proposals from the Expert Teams.