SRNWP/HIRLAM Workshop on Surface Processes, Surface Assimilation and Turbulence

Norrköping, 15-17 September 2004


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Programme and Participants

Representing urban areas in weather forecasting models
, Martin Best
The Météo-France externalized surface scheme and its integrated physiographical database ECOCLIMAP
, Patrick Le Moigne
Overview of the main physical processes of the externalized surface scheme Hydrological applications
, Patrick Le Moigne
Problems in predicted HIRLAM T2m in winter and spring at high latitudes
, Simo Järvenoja
A new surface scheme for HIRLAM
, Stefan Gollvik
Development of vertical diffusion models for stable stratification on the base of a new spectral theory of turbulence
, Veniamin Perov
Overview of convective storm initiation project
, Carol Halliwell
Parameterization of turbulent form drag due to the smallest-scale unresolved orograpy
, Laura Rontu
Lake model Flake, coupling with atmospheric model: first steps
, Ekaterina Kourzeneva
The stable boundary layer in Hirlam
, Sander Tijm
The future of the Rossby Centre land surface model
, Patrick Samuelsson
Soil moisture assimilation at the UK Met Office
, Clive Jones
Further tests with the ECOCLIMAP physiographic database in HIRLAM
, Ernesto Rodr\'{\i}guez
ELDAS intercomparison of three different algorithms of soil moisture assimilation
, José Antonio Parodi
Estimation of structure functions for the analysis of two-meter temperature and relative humidity
Carmen Martin and Beatriz Navascués.
Usage of Satellite Data in the HIRLAM New Snow Depth Analysis
, Alberto Cansado
The GABLS experiment, Sodankylä comparisons with RCR: some benefits for ARPEGE/ALADIN ?
Eric Bazile
Surface schemes and hydrological modelling at the SMHI
, Göran Lindström