Agenda Schedule for SRNWP-NT mini-workshop
TOULOUSE, 12-13 December 2002

Thursday 12 December 2002

Jean Quiby (SRNWP): Opening - Welcome.

Mikhail Tolstykh (RAS):   Global variable-resolution semi-Lagrangian vorticity-divergence
             NWP model                  Download PowerPoint
Eigil Kaas (HIRLAM):    A cell-integrated semi-Lagrangian dynamical scheme based
                                            on a step-function representation                  Download PowerPoint
                                            (co-authors : Bennert Machenhauer and Peter Hjort Lauritsen)
Mohamed Zerroukat (UKMO):   SLICE  - A Semi-Lagrangian Inherently Conserving
                                           and Efficient Scheme for Tracer Transport
Numerics of Physico-Dynamical Interface Schemes
Isabel Martinez (HIRLAM):   Current status of Physics-Dynamics Coupling in the
                     HIRLAM Model
Nigel Wood (UKMO):    A Framework for the Analysis of Physics-Dynamics Coupling Strategies
                                          Download PowerPoint


Friday 13 December 2002

Juergen Steppeler (DWD): New developments for the representation of steep orography
Jean Quiby (MeteoSwiss): Numerical problems caused by the orography
(Time/space) Numerical Schemes
Clive Temperton (ECMWF): Numerics of the ECMWF model -
                                          recent developments and current research
Elisabetta Cordero (UKMO): The Discrete Normal Modes of the Dynamical Core of the
                                        New Met Office Unified Model                  Download PowerPoint
Pierre Benard (Aladin): Alternative Time-discretizations for meso-scale applications: some results
Shared academics experime

Pierre Benard (Aladin):  a demanding 2D Shared Academic experiment
                                          (HIRLAM + ALADIN + Meso-NH + UKMO?)

Further Discussions

(Chairperson : J. Quiby or P. Bénard )