31st EWGLAM and 16th SRNWP meetings

28th -1st October 2009

GREECE (Athen, Glyfada)


Monday, 28th September

8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:15 Opening, introduction
Consortia presentations (Chair: Panagiotis Skrimizeas)
9:15-9:30 ALADIN (Claude Fischer on behalf of Jean-Francois Geleyn)
9:30-9:45 COSMO (Marco Arpagaus)
9:45-10:00 HIRLAM (Jeanette Onvlee)
10:00-10:15 LACE (Dijana Klaric)
10:15-10:30 MetOffice (Mike Bush)
10:30-11:00 ECMWF (Nils Wedi)
11:00-11:30 COFFEE/TEA BREAK
Review talks (Chair: Detlev Majewski)
11:30-12:00 Bruce Macpherson, Christoph Schraff: Review topic - Impact of High-Resolution Data Assimilation
Claude Fischer: Assimilation versus spin-up model configurations tested with Arome-France
12:00-12:30 Pierre Benard: Review talk on dynamics
12:30-13:00 Sander Tijm: Review of workshop on moist processes in Norrkoping
13:00-14:00 BUFFET LUNCH
14:00-14:30 Jeanette Onvlee: Link with applications: status and plans
Pierre Eckert: Why do we need (high resolution) models?
14:30-15:00 Chiara Marsigli: Review talk on ensemble prediction
15:00-15:30 Ulrich Schaettler: Review talk on system
15:30-16:00 Alena Trojakova: Summary of recent activities on surface aspects within SRNWP
16:00-16:30 COFFEE/TEA BREAK
16:30-17:00 Clive Wilson: Review of verification activities and developments
Francis Schubiger: Slides of COSMO-activities in verification in 2009
17:00-18:00 Introduction to national posters (Chair: Nils Wedi)
 Austria (Yong Wang)
 Belgium (Alex Deckmyn)
 Bulgaria (Andrey Bogatchev)
 Croatia (Stjepan Ivatek-Sahdan)
 Czech Republic (Tomas Kral)
 Denmark (Bent Hansen Sass)
 Estonia (Aarne Mannik)
 Finland (Carl Fortelius)
 France (Olivier Riviere)
 Germany (Detlev Majewski)
 Greece (Panagiotis Skrimizeas)
 Hungary (Gergely Boloni)
 Italy (Adriano Raspanti)
 The Netherlands (Gerrit Burgers)
 Norway (Dag Bjorge)
 Poland: ALADIN group (Marek Jerczynski)
 Poland: COSMO group (Joanna Linkowska)
 Serbia (Ljiljana Dekic)
 Slovakia (Jozef Vivoda)
 Slovenia (Neva Pristov)
 Spain (Bartolome Orfila)
 Sweden (Per Dahlgren)
 Switzerland (Philippe Steiner)
 United Kingdom (Mike Bush)
 NO status report at this time: Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Portugal, Romania (ALADIN/LACE), Romania (COSMO), Russia, Turkey.
18:00-19:00 Poster viewing session

Tuesday, 29th September
9:00-11:00Data Assimilation Session (Chair: Bruce Macpherson)
9:00-9:20Claude Fischer: Recent activities and outlook on data assimilation at Météo-France and partner ALADIN countries
9:20-9:40Christoph Schraff: Studies with COSMO-DE on basic aspects in the convective scale: Gaussianity and systematic errors
9:40-10:00Gergely Boloni: Developments in data assimilation for LACE
10:00-10:20Nils Gustafsson: HARMONIE DA progress and Hybrid VAR/Ensemble DA
10:20-10:25Kaarel Kimmel: High Resolution Re-analysis for Baltic Sea Region During the 1965-2005 Period (poster introduction)
10:25-10:35Bruce Macpherson: Progress in regional data assimilation at the Met Office
10:35-11:00Discussion (facilitator: Claude Fischer)
11:30-13:30Predictability and EPS Session (Chair: Chiara Marsigli)
11:30-12:00Trond Iversen: GLAMEPS towards operational production
12:00-12:30Susanne Theis: Ensemble experiments based on the convection-allowing model COSMO-DE
12:30-12:45Warren Tennant: Perturbations of surface fields in MOGREPS
12:45-12:50L. Descamps, C. Labadie, A. Joly, E. Bazile, J. Nicolau: Ensemble Prediction at Météo France (poster introduction by Olivier Riviere)
12:50-12:55Andrea Montani: COSMO-LEPS (poster introduction by Chiara Marsigli)
13:20-14:15BUFFET LUNCH
14:15-16:15Physics Session (Chair: Bent Hansen Sass)
14:15-14:35Neva Pristov: ALARO physics developments
14:35-14:55Federico Grazzini: COSMO physics developments
14:55-15:15Olivier Riviere: ALADIN and AROME physics developments
15:15-15:35Sander Tijm: HIRLAM and HARMONIE developments
15:35-15:55Mike Bush: High resolution (horizontal and vertical) model developments at the MetOffice
16:45-18:30Verification Session (Chair: Clive Wilson)
16:45-17:05Adriano Raspanti: New results in COSMO about fuzzy verification activities and Conditional Verification with VERSUS
17:05-17:25Isabelle Sanchez: Deterministic and fuzzy verification of the cloudiness of high resolution operational models
17:25-17:40Marek Jerczynski: Weighted median filters for meteorological data analysis (15 minutes)
17:40-18:00Clive Wilson: SRNWP-V programme status

Wednesday, 30th September
09:00-11:00Dynamics Session (Chair: Pierre Benard)
09:00-09:20Detlev Majewski: COSMO: Conservative Dynamical Core (CDC) project
09:20-09:40Filip Vana: ALADIN/LACE progress report on dynamics
09:40-10:00Piet Termonia: Status on lateral boundary conditions and initialization
10:00-10:20Mariano Hortal: Status and plans of HIRLAM's dynamics
10:20-10:40Terry Davies: Variable resolution and lateral boundary conditions
10:40-10:45Ishida Junichi: Development of non-hydrostatic models at the JMA (poster introduction)
11:30-13:30Surface Session (Chair: Alena Trojakova)
11:30-11:50Nils Wedi (ECMWF): Recent progress in surface modelling and data assimilation at ECMWF
11:50-12:10Ludovic Auger (ALADIN): SURFEX and EKF surface assimilation at Météo France
12:10-12:30Bruce Macpherson (MetOffice) : Recent progress in land surface modelling and data assimilation at the Met Office
12:30-12:50Christoph Schraff (COSMO): Status overview of the COLOBOC project
12:50-13:10Sander Tijm (HIRLAM) : Recent updates of the HIRLAM surface scheme
13:30-14:30BUFFET LUNCH
14:30-16:00System (interoperability) Session (Chair: Ulrich Schaettler)
14:30-14:45Ulrich Schaettler: COSMO activities in the Interoperability Programme
14:45-15:05Andrey Bogatchev and Claude Fischer: ALADIN activities in the Interoperability Programme
15:05-15:25Per Dahlgren: Pre-processing of GTS-BUFR data into BUFR-templates usable by HIRLAM and HARMONIE
15:25-15:45Detlev Majewski: Convection resolving COSMO implementations in Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania and Switzerland
16:00-EXCURSION (Visit of the New Museum of Acropolis and workshop dinner)

Thursday, 1st October
 EWGLAM final discussion, SRNWP business meeting and Advisory Committee meeting
9:00-10:00EWGLAM final discussion (Chair: Mike Bush)
10:00-10:30Steve Noyes: EUMETNET and SRNWP: update and some thoughts from the Executive Director
11:00-12:00SRNWP Business Meeting (Chair: Andras Horanyi)
12:00-13:00BUFFET LUNCH
13:00-16:00SRNWP Advisory Committee Meeting
(Participants: Executive Director, ET chairpersons, heads of Consortia, SRNWP PMs)
Marco Arpagaus COSMO
Pierre Benard, SRNWP ETdyn
Gergely Boloni, SRNWP ETDA
Terry Davies, MetOffice
Piet Termonia (deputising Jean-Francois Geleyn), ALADIN
Andras Horanyi, SRNWP
Dijana Klaric, LACE
Chiara Marsigli, SRNWP ETEPS
Steve Noyes, EUMETNET Executive Director
Jeanette Onvlee, HIRLAM, ETapp
Ulrich Schaettler, SRNWP ETsystem
Sander Tijm, SRNWP ETphys and ETsfc (until 14:15)
Clive Wilson SRNWP-V (SRNWP-I), SRNWP ETverif