2nd SRNWP Workshop on Short Range Ensemble

7-8 April 2005

Aula Prodi, Piazza San Giovanni in Monte 2, Bologna






Thursday, 7 April 2005


8.45 - Registration

9.15 - Massimo Capaldo         Welcome

9.30 - Stefano Tibaldi              Welcome

9.45 - Jean Quiby                     Opening remarks: outcome of the 1st workshop



Session 1: Global Prediction Systems and verification (Chairperson: Ken Mylne)


10.00 - Roberto Buizza            ECMWF EPS: recent developments and plans

10.30 - Mozheng Wei              NCEP Global ensemble: recent developments and plans


11.00 - Coffe break


11.30 - Martin Charron            CMC Ensemble: recent developments and plans

12.00 - Chiara Marsigli             Verification of ensemble systems

12.30 - Jean Nicolau                Short Range Ensemble Forecasting at Météo-France


13.00 - Lunch



Session 2: Ensemble Prediction Systems for Short Range (Chairperson: Tiziana Paccagnella)


14.00 - Jeff Mc Queen             NCEP SREF System: Current Status and Plan

14.30 - Andrea Montani           The COSMO-LEPS system: recent development and plans

15.00 - Inger-Lise Frogner       Limited Area Ensembles using targeted singular vectors


15.30 - Coffee Break


16.00 - Neill Bowler                 Short Range ensemble at UKMO: recent developments and plans

16.30 - Massimo Bonavita       Ensemble data assimilation in an operational context: the experience at the Italian weather service


Victor Homar and David J Stensrud

Results of a test ensemble of human erturbed simulations for severe eather forecasting


M. Sasu, M. Caian and A. Popescu

Research on the Use of Ensemble Prediction System in NWP




17.00 - Poster presentation


Christian Keil and George Craig

Development of a Regional Ensemble System


Christian Keil and George Craig

An Object-Oriented Approach to Best Member Selection:

Towards Adaptive Regional Ensemble Forecasting


Thomas Schumann

Ensemble Prediction at the DWD: current state


García-Moya, J.A., Santos, C., Escribà, P.A., Santos, D., Callado, A., Simarro, J.

Short-Range Ensemble Prediction System at INM


Anna Trevisan, Alberto Carrassi and Francesco Uboldi

Targetting and Assimilation: a dynamically consistent approach


A. Walser, M. Arpagaus and M. Leutbecher

Short-range Limited-area Ensemble Forecasts for two European Winter Storms:

The Impact of Moist Singular Vectors and Horizontal Resolution


National Meteorological Administration of Romania

Research on the Use of Ensemble Prediction System in NWP


Edit Hágel

LAMEPS activities at the Hungarian Meteorological Service


Michael Denhard, Sebastian Trepte and Jean Quiby

Project of a Regional Multi-Model nsemble Prediction System in Europe


P. A. Chessa,  C. Dessy, G. Ficca, C. Castiglia

Multimodel-Multianalysis Mesoscale Ensemble


Kai Sattler and Henrik Feddersen

Short Range Ensemble Experiments for Wind Prediction with DMI-HIRLAM



17.15 - Poster session + local wine degustation


18.30 - End





Friday, 8 April 2005



Session 3: Related international projects     (Chairperson: J. Quiby)


9.00   - Mathias Rotach            MAP-D Phase

9.15   - Michael Denhard          SRNWP PEPS

9.30   - Ken Mylne                   Eurorisk-Preview

9.45   - Massimo Milelli            Amphore Interreg IIIB

10.00 - Roberto Buizza              TIGGE


10.40 - Coffee Break

11.10- Tiziana Paccagnella       Topics for discussion:

                                                - Possible cooperations and common exercise

                                                - Requirements for the generation of LAM ensembles (TIGGE related)

12.50 - Jean Quiby, Massimo Capaldo, Stefano Tibaldi

              Final Remarks and Closing of the meeting

13.00- End of the Meeting