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Station history
kep1 1901 – 1951

At the beginning of the 20th century, meteorological measurements were performed in the garden of the Piarist Gymnasium (to be found on the square nowadays called Aradi vértanúk) from 1886 till 1929. Meanwhile the Hungarian Royal Ferenc József University has been founded, whose Geographical Institute established a climatological observatory in 1927 at the outskirts of the play-field, next to the academic building on the Ady Endre square. The supervision of measurements has been administered by Richard Wagner, employee of the Geographical Department, subsequent head of the Departement of Climatology.

This observatory operated till September 1944, when it fell a victim to wartime havoc. Measurements restarted in April 1946 but on a higher spot, at the flat roof of the building, 24 meters high over the ground. Missing data has been supplied by using the datasets of the nearby stations.


1910 – 1985

In January 1951 when the civil aviation started in Szeged, Hungarian Meteorological Institute established its own observatory near to the dispatcher building of the Szeged Airport. From this time on measured data came from this station, in spite of the fact that the observatory of the university operated as well.

In 1962 about 800 meters northwest of the airport Radiosonde Observatory of the Meteorological Institute were built, though climatological measurements were transplanted there only in August 1965. Since then measurements are accomplished at the Radiosonde Observatory.

Certain localities within the city can be found at the map.


Name of the stationLatitudeLongitudeBeginning of the periodEnd of the period
Szeged; Piarist Secondary School 46°14'52"N  20°08'54"E  01.01.1901.  12.31.1926.
Szeged; University 46°14'50"N  20°08'27"E  01.01.1927.  08.31.1944.
Szeged; University 46°14'50"N  20°08'26"E  04.01.1946.  12.31.1950.
Szeged; Airport 1 46°15'14"N  20°05'59"E  01.01.1951.  07.31.1965.
Szeged; Airport 2 46°15'19"N  20°05'25"E  08.01.1965.  12.31.2000.