Saturday 20 July 2024
Quality system

The Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) – as a first among the european meteorological services – has introduced the quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001 standard for the whole range of its activities. On the 6th of December, 2002, SGS United Kingdom Ltd. issued the certificate proving our operation according to ISO 9001:2000 (Certificate Nr. QHU 0017).


Our last certification was issued also by SGS on the 16th of February, 2018 (Certificate Nr. HU02/0017, Issue 7.). The requirements of the quality management system, being specified by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, are deemed as compulsory rules and guidelines in our activity.

The scope of certification is the following:

“Observation of meteorological and atmospheric environmental conditions, data collection, processing and reporting, provision of general and special weather forecasts (storm warning, aviation and severe weather forecasts), development, maintenance and application of numerical weather prediction models, climate research, development and running of climate models , user demand-based meteorological and environmental product developments, emission inventories of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, calibration of meteorological measuring and air quality monitoring instruments, air quality measuring and sampling, air quality data management and assessment.”

The management of OMSZ is committed to operation and continual improvement of quality management system. In this respect:

  • it makes every colleagues to realize the importance of fulfilling the expectations of the customers and
    partners and meeting the requirements of law,
  • defines the quality policy and quality objectives of OMSZ,
  • reviews regularly the operation of the quality management system,
  • ensures the human and material resources necessary for operation.

The President of OMSZ takes care that the requirements concerning the activities of the organization and the demands and expectations of the customers and partners should be clearly defined and that they should become internal requirements in order to fulfil them properly and to achieve customer and partner satisfaction.

The quality policy of OMSZ is an accepted and officially declared intention and directive of the management which is in conformity with the objectives of the organization and contains the commitment to meeting the requirements of the chosen quality management standard and to the continual improvement.

quality policy of the Hungarian Meteorological Service

The President of the Hungarian Meteorological Service declares that he considers quality a determining factor in the activities of the organization directed by him. The concept of quality is connected not only to the produced products, but also to all of the processes which aim the customer satisfaction in reliable meteorological information.

The President of OMSZ is committed to this interpretation of quality and endeavors with all available means that every colleague should perform his/her work to the best of his/her abilities. In order to achieve this objective he ensures that the whole staff understands and acknowledges the quality principia and processes and supports the execution of objectives.

The President and the management of OMSZ have an initiative and exemplary role in the establishment of the quality system and take care that every colleague performs his/her tasks assuming responsibility for quality, knows the specifications concerning quality assurance and the maintenance and improvement of quality become everyday practice.

The implementation of quality principles, the inspection and improvement of quality is directed by the quality manager who has independent functions and is designated by the President.

Our quality principles:

  • The main objective of the colleagues of OMSZ is to perform their tasks belonging to the scope of duties of the organization reliably, meeting the national and international quality requirements, to the satisfaction of the customers and partners.
  • We shall perform the meteorological observations and measurements according to the relating international and national specifications and recommendations.
  • In weather prediction we should apply the scientific results and technical, information-technological procedures on the highest possible level.
  • We should process meteorological data and prepare analyses about the climate of Hungary with different temporal and spatial resolution in accordance with the international recommendations.
  • In order to execute our basic tasks as well as possible we are performing continual research and development in the framework of national and international co-operations.
  • We begin to carry out each task with preliminary planning and rational preparation. In the course of implementation we endeavor to apply the best possible solutions and to perform inspections built in the processes.
  • Even in case of utmost care defects may occur, thus we are improving continuously our inspecting and analyzing activities.
  • Beside correcting defects we attach great importance to disclose the reasons of the defects and to eliminate them.
  • An especially important task of the management is to achieve our quality objectives. In the efficiency evaluation of our colleagues we consider the activities improving quality to a great extent.
  • We try to meet the demands of our customers and partners concerning quality and reliability of our products with regard to the changes in scientific and technical possibilities. Thus we are continuously updating the meteorological observation technique, improving our data archive, forecast methods and information system.

Every colleague of our Service is obliged to keep to the quality principles, i.e. to perform correct work. The colleague, who becomes aware of a defect jeopardizing quality and is not able to prevent it in his/her own competence, is obliged to report it immediately to his/her boss.

Meteorological service for International Air Navigation

Beyond the fulfilment of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard, the HungaroMet Hungarian Meteorological Service as an air navigation service provider compliant with the Common Requirements applicable to the services/functions listed below – which was certified by the ANS and ADR Supervisory Department of the Ministry of Construction and Transport on 27th of March, 2024 (Certificate Nr. HU-077-MET).

The certificate is valid whilst the certified service provider remains in compliance with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 and the other applicable regulations and, when relevant, with the procedures in service provider's documentation.

HungaroMet Hungarian Meteorologival Service has obtained the privileges to provide the scope of services/functions as follows:

  • Meteorological Watch Office (MWO)
  • Aerodrome Meteorological Office (AMO)
  • Aeronautical Meteorological station (AMS)