32nd EWGLAM and 17th SRNWP meetings

4th - 7th October 2010

United Kingdom (Exeter)


Monday, 4th October

08:30-09:00 Registration and Poster set-up
09:00-09:10 Opening, introduction. Alan Dickinson, Director of Technology
09:10-09:15 SRNWP Programme Manager, Andras Horanyi - summary of SRNWP membership changes introduction of "newcomers", main structure of the programme
Consortia presentations, chair: Bruce Macpherson
09:15-09:30 ALADIN consortium R & D progress, Jean-Francois Geleyn
09:30-09:45 COSMO status report, Marco Arpagaus
09:45-10:00 HIRLAM status highlights and challenges, Jeanette Onvlee
10:00-10:15 LACE status report, Dijana Klaric
10:15-10:30 Met Office model developments, Mike Bush
10:30-11:00 ECMWF overview, Nils Wedi
11:00-11:30 TEA/COFFEE BREAK
Review talks, chair: Detlev Majewski
11:30-12:00 Review talk on data assimilation - Overview of EUCOS, Nils Gustafsson
12:00-12:30 Review talk on surface issues, Jean-Franšois Mahfouf
12:30-13:00 Review talk on physics, Sander Tijm
13:00-14:00 LUNCH BREAK
14:00-14:15 Review talk on link with applications, Jeanette Onvlee
14:15-14:45 Review talk on predictability, Chiara Marsigli
14:45-15:15 Review talk on dynamics, Terry Davies, M. Baldauf
15:15-15:45 TEA/COFFEE BREAK
15:45-16:15 Review talk on system aspects, Ulrich Schaettler
Review talk on SRNWP Interoperability programme, SRNWP-I Programme Manager, Rachel North
16:15-16:45 Review talk on SRNWP-verification programme SRNWP-V Programme Manager, Clive Wilson
16:45-17:00 Discussion of SRNWP-V results & their publication, Clive Wilson
Posters, chair: Philippe Steiner
Introduction to national posters
Austria Yong Wang
Belgium Alex Deckmyn
Croatia Tomislav Kovacic
Czech Republic Alena Trojakova
Denmark Bent Sass
Finland Carl Fortelius (PDF1), (PDF2)
France Yann Seity
Germany Detlev Majewski (PDF1), (PDF2)
Greece Panagiotis Skrimizeas
Hungary Gergely Boloni
The Netherlands Gerrit Burgers
Norway Dag Bjorge (PDF1), (PDF2)
Poland (Warsaw) Joanna Linkowska
Poland (Krakow) Marek Jerczynski
Romania Doina Banciu
Slovakia Richard Habrovsky
Slovenia Neva Pristov
Spain BartolomÚ Orfila
Sweden Lars Meuller
Switzerland Philippe Steiner (PDF1), (PDF2)
Turkey Ersin Kucukkaraca
UK Jorge Bornemann (PDF1), (PDF2)
18:00-19:00 Poster session
18:00-19:00 Icebreaker

Tuesday, 5th October
09:00-10:00Session on system (interoperability)including discussion (Chair: Ulrich Schaettler)
09:00-09:20Progress of each consortium in the Interoperability Programme: one speaker per consortium
09:20-09:35Testing code changes for the Met Office UM, Glenn Greed
09:35-09:50Preparing the COSMO-Model for future HPC Architectures, Ulrich Schaettler
10:00-10:30Session on verification (Chair: Clive Wilson)
10:00-10:15New developments in verification in COSMO, Marco Arpagaus PPT1, PPT2
10:15-10:30Identifying "best" forecasts in EPS for Strategic Intervention, Marion Mittermaier, Clare Bysouth, Ric Crocker
11:00-13:00Session on link with applications including discussion (Chair: Jeanette Onvlee)
11:00-11:20Stratified verification of high resolution models and guidelines to forecasters, Pierre Eckert
11:20-11:40INCA-CE: the challenge of severe weather warnings, Yong Wang
Iceland Eyjafjallaj÷kull volcano event
11:40-12:00The Eyjafjallaj÷kull eruption and its aftermath: the monitoring and guidance process, Theodˇr Freyr Hervarsson
12:00-12:20Modelling the volcanic ash episode: experiences with COSMO-ART, Detlev Majewski
12:20-12:40Volcanic ash forecasting and warning experiences at MetOffice and VAAC, Matthew Hort
13:00-14:00LUNCH BREAK
14:00-16:00Session on upper air physics including discussion (Chair; Bent Hansen Sass)
14:00-14:20ALARO physics developments; Neva Pristov
14:20-14:40Diagnostic and physics developments in COSMO: Federico Grazzini
14:40-15:00HIRLAM and HARMONIE physics developments, Sander Tijm
15:00-15:25Improvements of physics in ARPEGE, ALADIN and AROME: Valery Masson
15:25-15:50Unified Model physics developments: Mike Bush
16:30-18:30Session on data assimilation including discussion (Chair: Bruce Macpherson)
16:30-16:45Review of the COSMO Data Assimilation Activities and KENDA project, Christoph Schraff
16:45-17:00Recent developments in ARPEGE and AROME data assimilation, Claude Fischer
17:00-17:15Overview of LACE data assimilation activities, Gergely B÷l÷ni
17:15-17:20Poster introduction - A hybrid variational ensemble data assimilation for HIRLAM, Nils Gustafsson
17:20-17:35Challenges and issues of meso-scale data assimilation for Sochi-2014 Winter Olympics, Mikhail Tsyrulnikov
17:35-17:50Eumetsat short term plans for improving services to NWP, Francois Montagner
17:50-18:10Observations Roadmap, Andras Horanyi

Wednesday, 6th October
09:00-10:30Session on dynamics and lateral boundary conditions including discussion (Chair: Filip Vana )
09:00-09:20Grid-scale forcing and its effect on larger scales in environmental flows, Terry Davies
09:40-10:00HIRLAM-B dynamics plans, Mariano Hortal
10:00-10:05Non-hydrostatic modelling on the sphere, Nils Wedi
10:05-10:30Poster introduction - Junichi Ishida
11:00-13:00Session on predictability including discussion (Chair: Chiara Marsigli)
11:00-11:20Ensemble activities at Meteo-France, Claude Fisher
11:20-11:40Results from GLAMEPS and other EPS-activities in HIRLAM, Trond Iversen
11:40-12:00Current Status of COSMO-DE-EPS, Susanne Theis
12:00-12:20Evaluation of the added values of LAMEPS, Yong Wang
12:20-12:40MOGREPS status and activities, Warren Tennant
13:00-14:00LUNCH BREAK
14:00-23:00Excursion to Dartmouth & Dinner at Dartington Hall

Thursday, 7th October
09:00-11:00Session on surface including discussion (Chair: Alena Trojakova)
09:00-09:20Developments on soil analysis within SURFEX for AROME, Jean-Franšois Mahfouf
09:20-09:40Final report on the COLOBOC project, Christoph Schraff
09:40-10:00Assimilation of ASCAT soil wetness, Bruce Macpherson
10:00-10:20HIRLAM and HIRLAM-SURFEX surface developments, Sander Tijm
10:20-10:40Land surface modelling and data assimilation at ECMWF, Jean-Franšois Mahfouf
10:40-10:50A few thoughts about the definition of weather parameters with surface schemes including tiles, Sander Tijm
11:30-12:00EWGLAM final discussion, Chair: Marco Arpagaus, Minutes
12:00-13:00SRNWP business meeting, Chair: Andras Horanyi, Minutes
13:00-14:00LUNCH BREAK
14:00-15:30SRNWP Advisory Committee Meeting (for the ET chairpersons and for heads of Consortia) Room FG4
16:00-17:00SRNWP Advisory Committee Meeting (continuation) Room FG4