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OMSZ: 2009. január 7. 16:00

Summer school on the preparation of climate atlas – 2007

10–14 September, 2007
Hungarian Meteorological Service
Sitke, Hungary

Preparation of climate atlas is a sophisticated and comprehensive process, connecting many areas of meteorology, climatology, statistics and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), i.e. computer sciences. Therefore, compilation of climate maps is a long and costly work.

This project wishes to help the individual countries to prepare high quality atlases. The another aim of the project is to establish a community, develop together climatological, mathematical and computer tools to improve the quality of atlases and suggest a regional cooperation to publish a multinational climate atlas. For these purposes, we organize this summer school, where the participants would learn the state-of-the-arts situation of climate atlases, learn each other, their problems and solutions.

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