33rd EWGLAM and 18th SRNWP meetings

10th - 13rd October 2011

Tallinn (Estonia)


Monday, 10th October

08:30-09:00 Registration and Poster set-up
09:00-09:10 Opening, introduction (Director of EMHI: Jaan Saar)
09:10-09:15 Former SRNWP Programme Manager - summary of SRNWP membership changes introduction of "newcomers", main structure of the programme, changes in the C-SRNWP programme
 Consortia Presentations (chair Per Unden)
09:15-09:30 ALADIN (Piet Termonia)
09:30-09:45 COSMO (Marco Arpagaus)
09:45-10:00 HIRLAM (Jeanette Onvlee)
10:00-10:15 LACE (Dijana Klaric)
10:15-10:30 Met Office (Mike Bush)
10:30-11:00 ECMWF (Sylvie Malardel)
  Review talks (chair: Detlev Majewski)
11:30-12:00 Alex Deckmyn, Mikhail Tsyrulnikov: Review of the joint ensemble prediction and ensemble data assimilation workshop in Bologna
12:00-12:30 Laura Rontu: Radiation parameterisations in mesoscale NWP - views for discussion
12:30-13:00 Jeanette Onvlee: Review talk on link with applications -- general overview, consistency of site specific versus gridded model products
13:00-14:00LUNCH BREAK
14:00-14:30 Josh Hacker: Recent progress in LAM-EPS research and implementation: Focus on North America
14:30-15:00 Ulrich Schaettler, Mike Bush: 3 years of Interoperability: Results and Leftovers
15:00-15:30 Jean-François Mahfouf: On the use of in-situ data exchanged through SRNWP
16:00-16:30 Clive Wilson: Review talk on SRNWP-verification programme
  National posters (chair: Sylvie Malardel)
16:30-16:45 Solfrid Agerstern: Overview of the MetCoop project
16:45-18:00 Poster viewing session
Austria Yong Wang
Belgium Alex Deckmyn
Croatia Tomislav Kovacic
Czech Republic Radmila Brozkova
Denmark Bent Hansen Sass
Estonia Andres Luhamaa
Finland Carl Fortelius
France Yann Seity
Germany Detlev Majewski
Hungary Roger Randriamampianina
the Netherlands Sander Tijm
Norway Jelena Bojarova
Poland: ALADIN group Marek Jerczynski
Poland: COSMO group Joanna Linkowska
Portugal Vanda Costa
Romania Simona Tascu
Russia Inna Rozhinkina and Gdaly Rivin
Spain Bartolome Orfila
Slovenia Neva Pristov
Sweden Per Unden
Switzerland Philippe Steiner
Turkey Ersin Kucukkaraca
United Kingdom Mike Bush
18:00-19:00 Icebreaker

Tuesday, 11th October
 Thematic sessions of Expert Teams: data assimilation, dynamics, upper air physics, surface
09:00-11:15Session on data assimilation (chair: Jean-Francois Mahfouf)
09:00-09:20Claude Fischer: ALADIN data assimilation activities
09:20-09:40Gergely Boloni: LACE data assimilation activities
09:40-10:00Christoph Schraff: COSMO data assimilation activities
10:00-10:20Bruce Macpherson: MetOffice data assimilation activities
10:20-10:40Jelena Bojarova: HIRLAM data assimilation activities
10:40-10:43Poster - Martin Ridal and Martin Gronsleth: The current status and future plans in observation handling / assimilation of radar data in the HIRLAM community
10:43-10:46Poster - Jelena Bojarova: Different flavours of flow-dependent data assimilation (the HIRLAM community),
The current status and future plans in observation handling/assimilation of radar data in the HIRLAM community
10:46-10:49Poster - Magnus Lindskog, Siebren de Haan, Sigurdur Thorsteinsson et al.: Experiences with Rapid Update Cycling
10:49-10:59Gergely Boloni: Discussions about NWP requirements towards OPERA
11:50-13:00Session on dynamics and lateral boundary conditions (chair: Mariano Hortal)
11:50-12:10Sylvie Malardel: MPDATA for semi-Lagrangian interpolation in the IFS
12:10-12:25Michael Baldauf: The 'conservative dynamical core' priority project and other current dynamics developments in the COSMO model
12:25-12:40Juan Simarro: A semi-implicit non-hydrostatic covariant dynamical kernel using spectral representation in the horizontal and a height based vertical coordinate
12:40-12:43Poster - Kohei Aranami: Recent developments of a non-hydrostatic model at JMA
12:43-12:46Poster - Sylvie Malardel: High resolution simulations of academic convective systems with the small planet configuration of the IFS
13:00-14:00LUNCH BREAK
14:00-16:00Session on upper air physics (chair: Sander Tijm)
14:00-14:20Filip Vana: TOUCANS - new turbulence scheme for ALARO physics
14:20-14:40Federico Grazzini and Sander Tijm: Stable boundary layer model intercomparison
14:40-15:00Yann Seity (on behalf of Valery Masson): Latest developments in AROME
15:00-15:20Federico Grazzini: COSMO upper-air physics activities
15:20-15:35Neva Pristov: Latest developments in ALARO
15:35-15:50Mike Bush: Physics developments at the Met Office
16:30-18:30Session on surface (Mike Bush)
16:30-16:50Jean-Francois Mahfouf (on behalf of ECMWF): Ongoing developments at ECMWF
16:50-17:10Christoph Schraff: COSMO/COLOBOC final report
17:10-17:30Bruce Macpherson: Plans with JULES and data assimilation
17:30-17:50Laura Rontu: HIRLAM experiences on snow in NWP
17:50-18:10Jean-Francois Mahfouf: Review of recent developments at ALADIN

Wednesday, 12th October
 Thematic sessions of Expert Teams: verification, predictability, link with applications
08:30-10:00Session on verification (chair: Ulrich Schaettler)
08:30-08:50Carl Fortelius- Intercomparison of radiative fluxes in the SURFEX TEB and observations from a moving platform in the streets of Helsinki
08:50-09:10Bent Hansen Sass: A verification scheme for high resolution models considering 'significant' or 'extreme' weather and upscaling principles
09:10-09:40Clive Wilson: Are high resolution precipitation forecasts better?
Wind resource identification and verification
COSMO-activities in verification
10:30-12:30Session on predictability (chair: Susanne Theis)
10:30-10:48Warren Tennant and Sarah Beare: New schemes to perturb near-surface variables in MOGREPS
10:48-11:06Yong Wang: New developments at ALADIN-LAEF
11:06-11:24Trond Iversen and Alex Deckmyn: GLAMEPS and HarmonEPS: LAM ensemble prediction systems under development
11:24-11:42Inger-Lise Frogner: High Resolution Ensemble Prediction of a Polar Low
11:42-12:00Chiara Marsigli, Andrea Montani, Tiziana Paccagnella: Evaluation of different perturbation approaches to provide initial and boundary conditions to a short-range LAM ensemble
12:00-12:03Poster - Christian Keil: The convective time scale as indicator of predictability
12:03-12:06Poster - Warren Tennant: New schemes to perturb near-surface variables in MOGREPS - global model aspects
12:06-12:09Poster - Christian Keil: Research on data assimilation and ensemble predictions in Munich
12:09-12:14Tiziana Paccagnella: TIGGE-LAM archiving as a task of the GEO WOW project
12:30-13:30LUNCH BREAK
13:30-15:30Session on link with applications (chair: Jeanette Onvlee)
13:30-13:50Sylvie Malardel (on behalf of the ECMWF MACC team): ECMWF/MACC activities
13:30-13:50Bent Hansen Sass: The ENVIRO-HIRLAM system
13:50-14:10Bent Hansen Sass (on behalf of the EuMetChem team): The COST-action ES1004 (EuMetChem)
14:10-14:30Detlev Majewski: Fully coupled environmental modelling based on COSMO-ART
14:50-15:10Mike Bush: Met Office NAME and AQUM models
15:30-EXCURSION AND DINNER (at Restaurant Maikrahv)

Thursday, 13th October
  Thematic sessions of Expert Teams: system (interoperability)
09:00-10:30Session on system (interoperability; chair: Philippe Steiner)
09:00-09:30All: Consortia progress on Interoperability, (Aladin status on interoperability)
09:30-09:50Clive Wilson (on behalf of Glenn Greed): UM on different grids and computers
09:50-10:10Ulrich Schaettler: COSMO, ICON and computers
  EWGLAM final discussion, SRNWP business meeting and SRNWP Advisory Committee meeting
11:00-12:00EWGLAM final discussion (chair: Carl Fortelius)
12:00-13:00SRNWP business meeting (chair: Andras Horanyi),
Short summary on ECMWF SAC (Gergely Boloni)
13:00-14:00LUNCH BREAK
14:00-15:30SRNWP Advisory Committee Meeting
16:00-17:00SRNWP Advisory Committee Meeting (continuation)

Friday, 14th October
09:00-12:30ALADIN Local Team Manager meeting
(only for the ALAIDN staff; location: EMHI building)