Programme of the 43rd EWGLAM and 28th SRNWP Meeting

(all times in CEST)


Monday, 27th September

08:30-09:00 BlueJeans connection opened
09:00-09:10 Opening: Dr. Klemen Bergant, Executive Director of EUMETNET
09:10-09:15 Balázs Szintai: Introduction to the meeting's programme
 Consortia Presentations (chair: Sander Tijm)
09:15-09:30 COSMO (Dmitrii Mironov)
09:30-09:45 Met Office (Mike Bush)
09:45-10:00 SEECOP (Slobodan Nickovic)
10:00-10:15 ACCORD (Claude Fischer)
10:15-10:30 HIRLAM (Jeanette Onvlee)
10:30-10:45 LACE (Martina Tudor)
10:45-11:15COFFEE BREAK
11:15-11:45 ECMWF (Florian Pappenberger)
 Review talks (chair: Claude Fischer)
11:45-12:15 Peter Dueben: Machine learning for weather predictions
12:15-12:45 Data Assimilation: Marc Bocquet - Combining data assimilation and machine learning
12:45-14:00LUNCH BREAK
14:00-14:30 Upper-air physics: Axel Seifert - Machine learning to inform bulk microphysical parameterizations
14:30-15:00 Predictability: Hannah Christensen - Model Uncertainty - MIP: constraining stochastic parametrisations using high-resolution simulations
15:00-15:30 Verification: Jason Otkin - Assessing the accuracy of cloud forecasts in high-resolution models using satellite observations and object-based verification methods
15:30-15:45COFFEE BREAK
 EUMETNET talks (chair: Francesca Marucci)
15:45-16:00 Dick Blaauboer: News from EUMETNET, with focus on Forecasting Programme Area
16:00-16:15 Balázs Szintai: Actual coordination activities within C-SRNWP
16:15-16:30 Alfons Callado: EUMETNET SRNWPEPS-EPS project and convection-permitting LAM-EPS database


Tuesday, 28th September
 Plenary Session on Predictability (chair: Chiara Marsigli)
09:00-09:20 Clemens Wastl: "LAM-EPS activities in LACE"
09:20-09:40 Anne McCabe: "Towards an improved understanding of ensemble spread in MOGREPS-UK"
09:40-10:00 Inger-Lise Frogner: "HarmonEPS developments"
10:00-10:20 Chiara Marsigli: "Model perturbations for the COSMO ensembles"
10:30-10:50COFFEE BREAK
 Plenary Session on Link with Applications (chair: Jeanette Onvlee)
10:50-11:10 Nigel Roberts: "IMPROVER - the next generation NWP probabilistic post-processing system at the Met Office"
11:10-11:30 Anastasia Bundel: "Overview about the COSMO activity in Interpretation and Application of the forecasts"
11:30-11:50 Martina Tudor: "Modelling wave height and sea surface current direction using neural networks"
12:00-13:20LUNCH BREAK
 Poster Session (chair: Balázs Szintai)
13:20-13:50 Introduction to national posters
 Plenary Session on Surface Aspects (chair: Patrick Samuelsson)
13:50-14:10 Jürgen Helmert: "Overview of COSMO surface activities"
14:10-14:30 Patricia de Rosnay and Gianpaolo Balsamo: "Overview of land data assimilation and modelling advances at ECMWF"
14:30-14:50 Patrick Samuelsson: "ACCORD overview of land physics"
14:50-15:10 Ekaterina Kurzeneva: "ACCORD overview of land data assimilation"
15:10-15:30 Matt Nagle: "Can we rely on citizen weather measurements for operational use?"
15:40-16:00COFFEE BREAK
16:00-18:00 Side Meeting on Machine Learning for NWP (organized by the ACCORD consortium)


Wednesday, 29th September
 Plenary Session on Data Assimilation (chair: Roger Randriamampianina)
09:00-09:15 Magnus Lindskog: "LACE/HIRLAM - Algorithmic Data Assimilation Developments"
09:15-09:30 Benedikt Strajnar: "HIRLAM/LACE - Advances in use of observations"
09:30-09:45 Christoph Schraff: "Recent developments in KENDA"
09:45-10:00 Marco Milan: "Data assimilation developments at the Met Office"
10:00-10:15 Loďk Berre: "EnVar developments with OOPS at Météo-France"
10:15-10:30 Siebren de Haan: "Status and plans for the EMADDC project"
10:40-11:00COFFEE BREAK
 Plenary Session on Dynamics (chair: Piet Termonia)
11:00-11:20 Michael Baldauf: "Recent numerics developments in the COSMO and ICON model"
11:20-11:40 Ludovic Auger:"Recent developments in dynamics in the ACCORD consortium"
11:40-12:00 Petra Smolíková:"LACE novelties: Stability of the SI scheme with modified linear model"
12:00-12:20 Michail Diamantakis: "Fast converging and concise SETTLS algorithm for computing the departure points in semi-Lagrangian weather and climate models"
12:30-13:30LUNCH BREAK
 Poster Session (chair: Balázs Szintai)
13:30-14:00 Introduction to national posters
 Breakout Session on Predictability (chair: Chiara Marsigli)
14:00-16:00 Discussion on actual challenges related to high resolution ensemble systems


Thursday, 30th September
 Plenary Session on Verification (chair: Marion Mittermaier)
09:00-09:15 Carl Fortelius: "Meteorological quality assurance in ACCORD"
09:15-09:30 Simona Tascu: "Verification activities in RC-LACE"
09:30-09:45 Joel Stein: "Neighborhood-based CRPS"
09:45-10:00 Bent Hansen Sass: "Precipitation extremes in NWP : some results from spatial verification in DMI"
10:00-10:15 Marion Mittermaier: "New perspectives on verifying convective-scale NWP lightning forecasts"
10:30-10:50COFFEE BREAK
 Plenary Session on Upper-air Physics (chair: Mike Bush)
10:50-11:05 Yann Seity: "Recent progress in Météo-France ARPEGE and AROME Physics"
11:05-11:20 Laura Rontu: "ACCORD aerosol, focusing on the cloud-aerosol interactions"
11:20-11:35 Bogdan Bochenek: "Physics parametrisations developments and plans in RC LACE"
11:35-11:50 Anke Finnenkoetter: "Recent progress in Met Office RAL physics"
11:50-12:05 Matthias Raschendorfer: "Ongoing and new physics development in COSMO"
12:20-13:30LUNCH BREAK
 Poster Session (chair: Balázs Szintai)
13:30-14:00 Introduction to national posters
 Breakout Session on Data Assimilation (chair: Roger Randriamampianina)
 Breakout Session on Upper-air Physics (chair: Mike Bush)


Friday, 1st October
 Breakout Session on Surface Aspects (chair: Patrick Samuelsson)
11:00-11:20COFFEE BREAK
 Breakout Session on Verification (chair: Marion Mittermaier)
11:00-11:30COFFEE BREAK
 Closing Session (chair: Balázs Szintai)
11:30-12:20 Summary of parallel sessions by Expert Team Chairs
12:20-13:00 EWGLAM final discussion